The upcoming domain for my upcoming arts and DIY crafts blog/site is The .ninja extension is the keyword that leads me to the name of the blog, The NINPOJINeous.

Here’s a little bit of some Japanese history. In Japan, the ancient covert/stealth martial art of Ninjutsu can also be interchangeable with Ninpo, however, according to this site, the real term of the covert/stealth martial art itself is Ninpo, while Ninjutsu is a subset of it. Warriors who trained/practiced Ninpo/Ninjutsu are called ninja, sometimes called shinobi. Because we now live in the modern world where old terms start to have different meanings, a ninja is an expert of a particular field, such as in web programming, songwriting, art, etc.

I still try as much as I can continue to study the Japanese language since my graduation from college1 and often times I end up doing some wordplay with a lot of vocabulary words that I can mix and match with certain others and still come out having the same meaning as the original. In Japanese, –jin is attached at the end of a country/place name to describe a person representing that country/place. The term jin is the onyomi ((Chinese reading)) of the Kanji character for “person.” For example, gaijin (foreigner), bijin (beautiful person), Nihonjin (Japanese person), Amerika-jin (American person), Chuugoku-jin (Chinese person), bijin (“beautiful person,” although this is referred to a beautiful woman), etc.

I decided to play with -jin with Ninpo to make it as another synonym for ninja and/or shinobi. That term becomes Ninpojin, which should also be synonymous with ninja. Then I added the “-neous” at the end to make it sound like “genius.” As a result, it’s become a mashed-up Japanese-English term of Ninpojineous.

Why did I decide to purchase a .ninja domain in the first place? It’s because I always thought that it would really seem cool to own a .ninja domain right next to your own name. I even had the idea of building The NinpoJINEOUS into a web development education progress blog to show how much “ninja” I could be in my desired field, but then I realized that in today’s digital age, not very many people are becoming interested or even showed pride in another awesome hobby/craft that we all learn growing up: arts and handmade crafts. I love origami, drawing, calligraphy, lettering, which are some of my hobbies that don’t involve the computer or the internet, and rather than just showing it off on Instagram with hardly any explanation for it, I thought of just building a gallery of artwork and write about arts and crafts in general in a blog.

At this point, I am still looking for the perfect parent theme that would be very suitable to The NINPOJINeous’s upcoming needs. Otherwise, I’ve got most of the sections already planned out.

So, there’s the quick insight of an upcoming project. I really do hope I’d get to have it opened sometime in early 2016. I’m so excited already! 

  1. which is like around over 10 years now? []