I started playing around with the Themify Builder of the current theme I’m using for The NINPOJineous and realized that the auto-loading of the posts from the beginning was starting to get a little overwhelmed and crowded. Therefore, I decided to change the home page into a three-column grid so it doesn’t look too crowded. I also changed it to have the main page paginated instead of having them auto-loaded like before for the same reason.

The problem with drag and drop WordPress themes (and plugins) is that they have so many features that you can customize and play around with1 that sometimes you just get overwhelmed and really have no clue on when or where and what purpose you would need these other features for. That’s what I was suffering when I was building the themes for LVI, Adri Mars, and The NINPOJineous. Finally, I’ve got some uses for a few of them and I decided to just use them.

That’s about it for now. More to come much later.

  1. That also includes custom coding too… []