I just added a small section regarding subdomain hosting for those interested in having their own website but can’t afford to have their own domain/hosting or if they just want to have a “let’s volt in!” somewhere in their site. I’m not doing the hosting itself, but my current host Little Dancer offers all of the information and set up for this small service. I’m simply offering my domain open for subdomain hosting, as this is the only domain that I own that doesn’t have my name plastered all over it.1

Be sure to read the quick information here before you head off to Little Dancer. There’s some important info that I want everyone to read for those interested. It’s really short and simple and direct to the point. If you have any questions, just simply contact me or just comment on this quick status entry.

Thank you, have fun, good luck, and have a Happy New Year!

  1. If you notice the current sites I’ve got on the main page, they all got “Adrianne” or “Adri” in them. Who wants to have a site that has someone else’s name on the domain anyway? Right? []