Some Site Booboos

I don’t know how many people (aside from myself and the very, very few) who often come to this site. I sometimes check my stats from the backend but never quite paid attention to it. The only “stats” that I’m quite aware of regarding LVI! is the number of (failed) login attempts and attempted spamming from malicious forces.1 Luckily I’ve got a security plugin to save the day!

But if you do come and visit LVI! for sometime now, you’ll notice the “booboos” that you may have seen on the main page, the contact page, and even here on the Timeline. I’ve been constantly working with the folks of Themify2 regarding a major bug that has been literally bugging me for quite sometime now. There are a few posts that I made from the last few years, but as you can see, the past posts that were supposed to appear here ala Facebook wall-style isn’t loading. You can see posts written for this month but not for last month and earlier on. I’ve finally opened this site in December 2015 and have written a couple posts on that month. As you can see, they’re not loading up anymore.

I have a feeling that it’s got something to do with the latest update of the theme’s core framework that caused this. Before, when I was developing this on my local development server3 that I haven’t had any problems, even with the plugins installed. Apparently, others who are using the same parent theme as I do are now running the same problem as me.

So, pardon me for all the booboos that you have been seeing on this site. I’m still waiting for a solution to have this fixed.

… and Other Updates

The Future Site Directory

That future site idea that I mentioned has a bit of an update. I haven’t really started developing yet, but for the time being I’ll have to jump the bandwagon a bit with the current site directories by using WordPress and a plugin that I have been using for many years now. I never knew that one particular plugin can actually be manipulated into a site directory-style layout. Gonna make note of that.

LVI! Subdomain Hosting Currently Down

The server in which Little Dancer is hosted is currently down due to some major technical issues. I was informed that the server should be back up sometime this weekend. In the meantime I’m still currently developing a wireframe for the site’s new theme, plus additional features including a client hub area are currently in the works as well.

Unfortunately, I’m currently working4 and taking online classes for web development, therefore I can only squeeze in the little time I’ve got to actual web development. I should be prioritizing my portfolio first, but I need some items to show off, which is why I’m prioritizing related web projects first. (The NINPOJINeous)

I was opting to use the Genesis Framework for this site, mainly because I really do want to learn how to use this popular theming framework to build future sites. I still have yet to find a really good tutorial (or an online class even) for me to show me the ropes of Genesis. I really do want to create my own child theme mainly because the existing child themes, both made by StudioPress5 and third-party developers seem to be more expensive than the framework itself. It’s like with the Divi child themes sold at Elegant Marketplace being more expensive than the developer subscription of Elegant Themes.

I may probably switch some things in to gear and use a basic (?) blog parent theme for this one, but again, let’s just see what happens.

That’s it for the time being. Here’s hoping to better news very soon.

  1. That’s because of my YEARS of not updating this site and even the system that powers it. Partially my fault. []
  2. the peeps who created the parent theme for this site []
  3. my laptop powered by AMPPS. []
  4. and my job is very physical, so imagine the exhaustion that I get when I get home []
  5. the folks behind Genesis []