As you can see, I have eliminated both the Playground and Webcraft subsites as I no longer plan on using those subdomains as part of my training and development. Since I finally got a full-time job1 at a bakery cafe, I finally have enough funds to take courses that would help me update (and upgrade) my current web designing and development skills at the awesome online learning platform Udemy. I’m happy that Udemy doesn’t charge their students those (sometimes ridiculously high) monthly fees. We just have to purchase whatever classes we’re interested in taking2 and earning benefits from it, and at the same time, earn a certificate of completion once we complete these courses. Best part of it is that Udemy also has A LOT of discounts and deals, so I’ve purchased a lot of my current courses3 at a range of $2-$50. 

Anyway, let’s not talk about Udemy. I’m writing because I recently launched a “training subsite” called LET’S VOLT IN! Ultimatum. This is actually a sample WordPress-based site using another framework that I have been itching to learn for the past three years, Ultimatum. I only got lucky to purchase its very robust framework because there was (and still is I believe) an awesome deal from Mighty Deals that I can purchase Ultimatum with a huge chunk discount. I currently hold the Ultimatum Studio License4 which means that once I master the basics, not only that I would be able to build quality custom WordPress themes for my future projects, but I would be able to sell the child themes to the masses and make some pocket money from it. 

And there you go. Eventually I will probably have one for Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation 5, and even Headway Themes. Watch out for more! 

  1. ALMOST a full-time job that is… []
  2. and these classes are taught by topnotch professors, lecturers, and instructors with several years of teaching from topnotch universities too, as well as top experts who have several years experience in the industry they have expertise on! []
  3. and many of them have the “retail” costs of $200+ []
  4. the folks behind Ultimatum changed the license name to simply Pro License recently… []