After almost a year (more like 7-8 months), I’ve finally built it. This is Wellspring Dreams Club, a somewhat niche-less forum for everyone who loves to build, create, and for those who just love the things being built and created. Do you want to find out what it’s really about? Then come and join. 

If I can recall how many times I’ve owned and operated forum communities in my past hobbyist web designer/developer life, this would be my fifth forum. I actually forgot to add in my Sites Timeline that I also owned a Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch fan forum sometime in the late 2000s. Ah, memories!

I’ve written about the forum project not too long ago on both my personal blog and my creative/learning journal blog. Speaking of the latter, if you are following my collective updates here, please change your links to This is the first time that I am using a forum script in which the layout is not table-based or table-style. These types of mobile friendly, content/discussion thread-priority forums became popular as support forums on many sites, in which no user would be able to miss any new discussions or reply because everything is right there on one page (literally). You can reply on the same page, place your post on specific categories (called tags), and just reply on any theme at any time without even clicking too many links. Most of all, it’s very lightweight, and you can even access it anywhere, from your desktop to your tablet to your phone.

Please, come check it out, and I do hope you’d come and join. I know this is very fresh and brand-new, therefore, give us a chance. I think this may be a non-niche forum community you might enjoy. Hope to see you all there!