I know! I know! It’s been five long years since LVI! just faded away and became completely inactive! But I’ve finally done it! I think it’s an awesome accomplishment before the year ended1 so I can finally pat myself on the back for that.

I’m not gonna go into details as to why this has taken so long for me to do, but instead, I’ll give you a little rundown on what I’ve done with this site:

  • After my friends-only group blog version of this domain just simply collapsed, I decided to just convert it to a collective site. So, in short, a portal of some sorts. I’ve gotten used so much with WordPress that I decided to keep it, plus regardless of the unnecessary bloat that may give this little site, it’s a whole lot easier to maintain with a CMS.
  • I’ve had other ideas on the types of sites I would’ve built under this domain. LVI! has been a childhood phrase of mine that came from a very classy and memorable super-robot anime series2 before my family and I immigrated here in the U.S. I thought about building a fansite dedicated to Voltes V, but then again, who would even know3 or even remember this series? Today’s anime/manga otaku probably won’t know this series, but those who grew up back in the 70s and 80s4 would surely know of this series.
  • I thought about opening a video gaming blog for this domain. I even thought of making LVI! as a technology-related blog (more of like my web development progress blog). But then if I went to those paths I probably wouldn’t be able to be more active on it. Besides, I write both about my gaming and my web dev education progress in my personal blog anyway.
  • Since I’ve learned a great deal about WordPress speed optimization and what not, I did all I can to make this site as minimal and optimized as possible.  I don’t think I’m quite there yet because I still see myself as a designer, and that I’m currently using three custom fonts5 and a background image all at once.
  • I  have deactivated so many plugins I no longer need. The parent theme that I’m currently using6 has all the necessary features that I need in one setting. I also deactivated some features from the Jetpack plugin too.
  • I still have yet to work on the widgets, but I don’t think I would be needing as much widgets as I thought I would. Just stay tuned for more updates.

And there you have it. I love the timeline feature of this new theme. Now it looks a whole lot more of a “news and updates” section rather than just a blog.

Till next time. 

  1. before Christmas Day even! []
  2. see About section for the entire story []
  3. not to mention care… []
  4. that is, if you live(d) in Asia… []
  5. even though one of them is from Google Fonts []
  6. see Barebones section for more info regarding the new theme []