Last week or so, I migrated LVI! to my new host. Earlier today, I decided to move LVI! back to the previous host. A lot of things went wrong with the site (both front end and back end) right upon migration. The main page had my link tiles to my other sites shrink and then the Customize section of the dashboard only gave me a blank page. My first hunch was that something probably went wrong with the migration itself. Turns out, it wasn’t that.

I went through the usual standard WordPress troubleshooting by disabling plugins. Because I didn’t install any new plugins after migration with the exception of the Duplicator plugin,1 I immediately went for disabling Duplicator. Once I checked the Customize section again, an error message came, stating that the site went over the 64MB memory limit.

Before this, my forum also went through the same troubles. After two weeks of waiting support from my current host’s tech support2 and successfully restoring the forum through my backups, I came across the same memory limit error. I requested my host to have my memory limit increased to support my forum, but I was refused. I had no choice but to move the forum back to my previous host.3

Therefore, I did the same with the collective. I wonder if this is some kind of an omen? Right now, I have divided my sites to two servers and probably save some space, bandwidth, and memory limit. It’s unfortunate that my current host isn’t able to accommodate all of my sites4 but I’m glad that I still have a home.

I feel like a rolling stone, migrating sites to a new host, only to go back because of that darn memory exceeded error. But nevertheless, unless if I find a better solution (or vice versa), this will do for now.

  1. the plugin I used to migrate WordPress sites from one server to the next []
  2. in providing me SSH access to the server, I had to wait 2 weeks… []
  3. I also requested for a memory increase the first time I installed the forum. The tech support of my previous host were very kind and friendly to increase the memory and I’m happy. []
  4. well not all, I still got a few installed on the previous host… []