After some months since its first launching, we finally got a brand-new look for 2016 (and probably longer than that) for my dear friend Heart Yngrid’s official author site. Though I’ve offered my services for free because of the fact that we are long-time close-knit friends, in a way, I’ve also experienced what I call “dual development.”1

I call it “dual development” because even though the credit to the entire site belongs to me, we actually built the site together. I dabble with the “harder stuff”2 while she deals with most of the content and the drag-and-drop layout creation of the new theme. We based our new child theme on Elegant Themes‘ newest addition to their WordPress theme family: Extra. In some ways, it’s a little coincidental that we’re using Extra because prior to launching of her site, we were attempting to build the first child theme using Elegant Themes’ current signature theme, Divi. We were actually getting the job done with its first release of Divi 2.0, but when 2.4 came out, everything changed with so many additions that we both got overwhelmed and decided to go on the placeholder method by downloading a temporary theme that contained masonry grid layouts for her blog posts.3

Of course, with that placeholder theme, the site just did not look professional enough. Sure, we love grids, but it looked a bit more like a personal blog than a professional author site. When I learned about Elegant Themes’ plans on releasing a brand-new theme that is more magazine/news-based, I decided to do the waiting game till it came out. When December came, and Extra was first debuted to all the WordPress aficionados around, I quickly checked out its features. Since we were already familiar with the Divi builder system, and that Extra is the first theme that’s powered by the Divi builder system (that is, the first theme that’s not Divi), I already had a feeling that I finally found the perfect theme that would finally solve our presentation problems.

So, there you have it: The brand-new Heart Yngrid official website, powered by Extra and us.

  1. as in oppose to “pair programming.” []
  2. minimal manual coding, such as CSS and adding a few custom PHP code in the child theme’s functions.php file… []
  3. Miss Heart Yngrid loves grid layouts! []