I forgot the username to my upcoming site directory, tentatively called Voltage Joint, so I went to phpMyAdmin to check out what my username was. Then I learned that my inactive and untouched WordPress powered sites have been hijacked. Rather than me cleaning up the mess via phpMyAdmin, I decided to just delete them altogether.

The following now are long gone:

  • My Skillcrush WordPress projects. I can always redo them when I do have the time to get back and go through the classes again.
  • 100% MYRTLE! at msenshi.lets-volt.in – my old Myrtle Sarrosa group fan blog site. Because our friend and idol Myrtle has moved on to better things, plus we have fulfilled what that blog’s purpose was, it was no longer needed. Plus, the site was maliciously attacked with all these weird tables being added by spambots or hackers. They may be harmless but they can cause problems on the servers, so I decided to just delete them altogether.
  • My previous Adriatastic! personal blog was also dismantled. I left an “I’ve moved!” plugin there, but eventually, it was hijacked. It was finally time to dismantle it.
  • All the existing database of sites no longer existing in the server.

Hopefully this should take care of a few problems with the server here and there. The only ones that should remain are the ones that are currently active and ones that are about to get active soon.

Now I can sigh in relief now.

Lesson learned: It’s always the BEST idea to develop and test your PHP-powered websites and apps on your computer (via development servers like XAMPP, MAMP, AMPPS, or WAMP. I have AMPPS installed on my laptop.)