First up, I apologize for the very not-so-turbulent week with my site’s servers being down. For those who were looking forward to whatever’s in store on LVI!1 during those three days, I am grateful for your patience.

I was looking through my Softaculous in my development server and I discovered Codiad. Codiad is a web-based IDE2 that you can download for free and use it by uploading it to own web server, kind of like you installing pre-built software to build your website with a specific application already included.3 I have an account on CodePen (not quite IDE, more of like PasteBin) and on Cloud9,4 in which I use for my Ruby on Rails classes. I also have Aptana Studio installed on my laptop5 if I wanted to work offline, but never really gotten round to actually play around with the program.

Then I discovered that Codiad is basically the “personal” version of a Cloud9. Apparently, when you sign up for a web-based IDE service like Cloud9, Nitrous, and Koding, ((for Koding, they only charge you if you’re a startup or an existing business or enterprise, otherwise they’re free for individuals.)) you would have to pay a subscription, and they’re pretty expensive. Installing Codiad in your own web server is… well… free.

Apparently, Codiad is only for one user (me) and it’s not quite an IDE service for everyone like Cloud9, Nitrous, and Koding, so it’s password-protected. By default, it’s only set up for just one user (me). If you are interested in using the IDE service, just let me know and I’ll add you into the system.6 I might make a mini-website for it so I can provide all the info and how it works.

If you’re curious, you can visit it here.

  1. doubt it. []
  2. integrated development environment. It’s a fancier version of a code editing program. More info of them are here. []
  3. WordPress, for example. []
  4. which is an actual web-based IDE []
  5. it’s free! []
  6. corrected 1/7/16 – there’s actually multi-user support, but I’ll have to add new users manually. []