I have been using Wordfence Security for all of my WordPress-powered websites for many years now, including this one. However, just last night, I got this really major error message saying that LVI’s API key for WordFence cannot be found. I even tried resetting it, deactivated and reactivated it, but nothing is working anymore. I had hopes that I would get some help from their tech support, but I would have to upgrade to its premium version (which is expensive, by the way), for me to get help. I couldn’t afford going to that route, so I decided to switch to  another security system.

Enter iThemes Security. I’ve used this several years ago with my personal blog when I was first introduced to WP security plugins, but then errors here and there started flooding my Dashboard, and then decided to stop using it and find a good alternative. Wordfence has given me a peace of mind when it came to site security, and I even thought that I will never go to another alternative. Sadly, I’m wrong.

I’m still trying to get used to figuring out the settings and among things with iThemes Security, but this is the update I’ve got for this collective at this moment.