I beg of you, fellow Themify themers!


… UNTIL Themify creates a brand-new update to fix the incompatibility issues of the builder framework with the new version of WordPress. If you do upgrade, you will be running into a lot of issues with your builder framework. I’ve done it for The NINPOJineous and I’ve encountered the problems I’ve just mentioned. The corner menus are expanded and you can’t even edit all your content in your designated modules. It was horrible, and Themify Support has not responded to any of the tickets that users and myself submitted in the Themify support forum.

If you did upgrade to 4.5 and you’re already encountering problems, all you have to do is downgrade back to 4.4.2.

  1. Download 4.4.2 here, then unzip the file
  2. Using your FTP, delete the following folders: wp-admin and wp-includes.
  3. Upload everything from 4.4.2 except the wp-content folder. Please do not touch the wp-config.php file!!
  4. Log in your Dashboard. It will prompt you to update your database. Go ahead and update your database.
  5. Press Continue.
  6. When you are back in your Dashboard, just ignore that WordPress 4.5 update notice on top until we receive any update notices from Themify.

This is a very crucial notice, so please, take care of your sites for the time being.