I humbly apologize for the very long absence since the last entry. My host went through some server upgrades that came in with a series of problems, mainly dealing with outdated hostees not even bother to shut down their sites if they plan not to update them anymore.1 But I really want to get this major project done first before we delve in these issues.

But we do have a some good news though (besides the servers being back up)!

  • My subdomain hosting through Little Dancer is back to its “Coming Soon” page format, but all of that will be gone really soon and a new re-launch is now on its way. Somehow though I want to work more on this collective, even though its sole purpose is to simply be a hub to my sites, both self-domain hosted and those hosted under LVI!. But I also need to slow down and prioritize more on the clients.
  • I finally got a temporary name for my upcoming listing directory. I call it Voltage Joint.

Alright, speaking of more plans for LVI!, I’ve got this short list of things I plan on completing:

  • a short timeline of the sites/domains I owned since my first start in web designing/development. This includes a brief description of each and every one of those websites and why I decided to shut them down.
  • Closing down of my personal IDE at ADRIMARIE.us and re-opening it as a free IDE service for those who need a coding editor to do their projects when they’re far away from their computers and not being able to afford those monthly fees that most popular cloud-hosted IDEs provide. To make the story short, I discovered that I can add more than one user for the Codiad IDE, which means I can actually provide some form of service, and not just that, but at no cost too!

And a slight somewhat of a bad news…

My Calypso desktop app isn’t working properly for some reason. I may probably have to disconnect and reconnect them again, which would be another hassle for me. It won’t save drafts, which can also mean that it won’t even publish the finished entry too. I have to log into the actual dashboard like I am right now to write this short entry.

Hopefully these next two days (starting today when the sun rises) I would have something a lot more productive to present. Soon. 

  1. Not to mention the outdated scripts that some of those sites have been using. []