I am writing on my Kindle now using my WordPress Android app, so this is actually a quick entry before I head to bed. Also, expect grammatical errors because I really do hate typing on a touchscreen. Maybe I can buy a compatible keyboard for Kindle tablets or something when I have the money to buy one.

So, I have been a bit silent from blogging or simply just appearing online from out of the blue. That’s because I started working on my portfolio again. I learned from my online schooling last year that it’s okay to not have a lot of projects on your portfolio, and that you can even create pretend projects too. These only show your visitors your skills, regardless if you made them for a client or not. I only got two so far, and probably one or two for my artwork.

The portfolio will be a one page site with a separate page for the Journal section. It’s also powered by WordPress and that it’ll be a child theme from Themify. I’ve already fallen in love with Themify, no kidding.

I’ll write more progress later when I’m actually in front of the keyboard. Goodnight.