At the moment, the only type of portfolio that I got to present is my “placeholder” one-page vCard-style Foundation framework-based HTML5/CSS3 site. I have it linked on my “coming soon” page, but after a month or so of pulling my hair on custom post types, I decided to give up using WordPress altogether and decided to give a little “upgrade” on my placeholder portfolio site.

In short, I will be moving my to the main URL, with the upcoming creativity blog, The NINPOJineous, as its journal of my web development education journey. It would still serve as an art blog of sorts too, but it would probably be mostly entries about the things I’ve learned in web design and development.

I started working on it earlier today. I’m still using Foundation 4, even though the newest version, Foundation 6, is already released. I read that the latest version is still buggy and may cause some validation problems here and there (and probably other bugs I may unexpectedly run into), and that I’m still using Foundation 4’s old Orbit slider feature.1 Either way, I’m already happy and satisfied with the placeholder portfolio, but I want a huge amount of convenience when it comes to updating/adding new items in the portfolio section or even write a new entry on my new journal section. Guess it’s back to manual coding for the portfolio portion. *sigh*

Anyway, the above image is a screenshot of what I’m working on so far.

  1. now deprecated and is using something else I’m unfamiliar with. []