A future family member needs someone to launch her online presence for her new business/service, and of course, I’m the first person she turned to. This only gave me the hint that I really do need to get my butt off of my seat and start thinking about rebuilding and actually launching my forever under construction portfolio site.

Keeping in mind that this is in real life, with a live client, rather than having an online client, this is a whole different ballgame. I’m already full with other projects, such as the rebuilding of Little Dancer and maintaining my friend’s official site (and sometimes blog), that I’ve barely spent anytime just gathering the proper content for a well-built, well-presented portfolio.

Of course, the following below are required to be on the portfolio, whether I end up building a one-page portfolio or a multiple-page portfolio:

  • Introduction
  • About (myself and the portfolio)
  • Portfolio (put personal websites and mockup sample sites and some 0ther projects worth noting)
  • Resume (PDF version for download, display skills, education)
  • Contact Information (contact form, social media links)

I could have just left there and use it as my ticket, but then I also have these to be added in mind as well:

  • A blog about my journey through web development, things that I discover, those “Top 10”-type of entries, etc.
  • A small mini-tutorial on a few things that users/clients may find practical, such as using the Markdown language for writing and easier formatting of words.
  • Freebies that users/visitors may download, such as fonts1, icons, even wallpapers for their desktops.

Right now, I’m working on my “quick” elevator pitch. I may even need to redesign my current business card as well, but then I would need to fix my printer alignment first.

What else can I offer for a more effective portfolio? Any more ideas?

  1. if I can just find the right, affordable software for me to accomplish this… []