For about a week, the server has been down, affecting all of my sites, the sites I’m hosting, and pretty much the entire system. It wasn’t because of a technical issue, but to respect privacy, I’m not going to provide any other details.

Site migration notice

With that being said, I decided to purchase another web hosting to transfer some of my most important sites. I can’t afford having the more important ones going down for almost a week, as they are some of the most visited sites in my current account. With that being said, the following will be going through a migration starting today:

  • Wellspring Dreams Club (Please don’t register or start posting on the forum until further notice)
  • Heart Yngrid (My awesome author friend’s official site that she maintains herself. She has plenty of fans who come and visit her site and I can’t let it be shut down that long, therefore this will be going on a move along with the WDC forum)
  • The NINPOJineous (I will be using my blog as part of my portfolio/resume when I search for web development jobs very soon. Writing and chronicling my web development training journey is a key to land a (remote) web development job of some sort.)

Changes in effect

My personal blog domain,, will be expiring in April. I decided to let it expire in favor of a recently new domain that I just purchased that sounded a lot more relatable to my blog’s purpose than the .me extension. The blog will still be called ADRICULOUS, but with a different extension: The blog will go through a migration to the new domain and will be automatically forwarded to until the domain expires.

My current portfolio,, will also be redirected to a new domain, I will be migrating my portfolio to the new domain. I know that the .us simply means that I am a current resident living in the U.S., but the .us domain is now being commonly used for sites with domain names ending with “us.” I could have used as the new blog domain, but I decided not to. The only change with the domain is the .me extension, seeing that the domain will have a closer indication that this is a portfolio site all about me.

My fiction/prose writing blog,, will also be expiring next month, a day or two right after Instead, I will be moving this to a subdomain in the domain. I still have yet to figure out what the subdomain will be called just yet. will be redirected to the new subdomain until it expires.

Still unsure but for now, will remain…

  • Let’s Volt IN! will remain until further notice. It is a collective, after all. Should anything happen to this, I won’t be losing much. Rebuilding it may be a biznatch, but at least I wouldn’t be losing too much, database-wise.

Work in progress

The following are still in work in progress status and the future of these projects are still uncertain.

  • is my upcoming photoblog tribute to Prompto Argentum, the resident photographer of the game Final Fantasy XV. My aim was to post some of the shots I made (and possibly some contributions of shots from other FFXV players) and write a story behind the shot from Prompto’s point of view. Therefore, some of these photoblog entries are canon and some fanfiction. But because of the latest updates in FFXV, our heir to the throne main character, Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, becomes the second photographer of the game. While Prompto still remains the photographer, players (from Noct’s point of view) can also take their own shots without waiting for Prompto to display his own. Maybe I’ll incorporate Noct’s photos and have him as a “guest photoblogger” in the site. I think it’ll be a fun project, but because of my hectic daily schedule, I have been putting this off.
  • The remake of Cherry Blossom, Little Wolf remains standstill. It’s nowhere uploaded in any of my servers, as I build sites like these locally on my computer.
  • An attempt to revive another directory listing under the proposed name Voltage Joint may or may not happen anytime soon.

Future/Tentative Plans

  • God Seven is my upcoming character shrine to my man favorite character in the Korean mobile otome game Mystic Messenger, 707. Why? Because he’s God Seven!
  • Symmetry is my last-minute idea of a lifestyle blog. This will be my very first attempt at a specific niche lifestyle blog, dedicated to my journey through skincare. If you are following my Instagram account, I have been posting some photos of a number of Korean skincare products that I have been enjoying. I may or may not be as active as my other blogs, but I think this will be a fun project to do, don’t you think?

That’s it for my collective updates for the day. I’ll be working on the migrations and other workarounds with my current projects before I proceed with the next few steps, so stay tuned!