The other day, I checked the renewal process of my membership with Themify. I opted not to renew anymore because I thought that I may not be able to afford it anymore and have been scrambling around to work on UIs for future themes. It turns out that Themify does give a renewal discount of 30%, which means that I may be able to afford it after all. Still, I would like to have a lifetime membership instead, but it’s quite expensive for me to upgrade now.

But this doesn’t mean that I will remain using’s themes and features for all of my websites. I’m still venturing out with the other frameworks that I currently own so that I can further diversify myself with my WordPress development skills. I’ve already started with my personal blog and will be doing the same for The NINPOJineous as well. My writing blog may be converted into a little bit simpler layout, strictly for writing purposes only. And of course, more projects are planned to be built for next year.

For the LVI theme, I would really love to remain it this way. Maybe I can change the colors and background patterns here and there, but for the time being, it will stay this way. I still love the balance of this layout, where content and functionality are more prominent but still attractive by design at the same time. Besides, my main concern with the renewal of my Themify subscription are the constant updates of this theme, the theme’s internal framework, and everything else.

That’s it for the latest with this collective. Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!