It’s almost the end of May. My, how time flies so fast!

I know, I have been quiet for awhile now, that is, quiet from updating here on LVI, but not quite quiet when it comes to web development as a whole. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I have been doing two focuses as of late: The NINPOJineous and my upcoming rebuilding of my (old) Sakura Kinomoto & Syaoran Li couple shrine, Cherry Blossom, Little Wolf (CBLW). If you want to see some sample progress of this without visiting The NINPOJineous, you can check out the demo link of what I’ve got so far. Keep in mind though that the demo link may not be the final version of CBLW. I’m just uploading them on my Dropbox for my Let’s Build Projects (LBP) tutorials series.

I also got immersed myself into other things as well, such as getting back into finishing my other online courses.1 I also went back to refreshing (and learning) Japanese by signing up for Lang-8. If you have been following my Twitter, you may see some random generated tweets of my journal entries written in (seriously messed up) Japanese text.

CBLW is just the beginning of my “return” to shrine building using today’s various tools and techniques that wouldn’t just make my sites look good, but to also make them work for everyone.2 I lined up three more projects on the main nav grid at the home page, so you’ve already been hinted. 

Till next time!

  1. I’m still stuck with finishing up Hugo because I’m building CBLW along with it. []
  2. *ahemRESPONSIVEahem* []