Welcome to the Let’s Volt IN! Network

This is the official hub of Adri‘s current web projects (and hopefully in the future, some simple web applications) for everyone to visit, and in some cases, interact. Although it has been five years that I’ve actually worked to open this since the first purchase of the domain, I’ve finally found the right time to finally present it to the masses, as well as a good addition to my portfolio. Please keep in mind that all of these sites are simply personal projects, and will never be involved in anything commercialized.

Most of the sites hosted under this collective will feature some of my favorite fandoms outside reality. Some may be active, some may be community-based. Personal sites, blogs, fansites, fanlistings, and a whole lot more will be featured. The sites here are built with careful crafting and of course, with love. More will be coming soon, but for now, what you see is what you get.

At the moment, please enjoy your stay!

News & Updates Timeline


My personal blog of some more than 10 years (with some name changes of course), where all the random stuff goes. Most likely the most active site at the moment.



A small web presence containing my web and digital works, education, experience in a very compact online vCard.



Adri Mars is my writer’s pen name. This is where I house all my other writing, from fiction, fanfiction, haiku poetry to contributed articles, as well as news and updates regarding the mentioned.



This is my web development education journal, as well as a blog about my DIY arts and crafts. The site will contain some tutorials in web development and/or arts and crafts, and a lot more in store.



  • Fun and Therapy with Art 08/16/2020
    This COVID-19 Pandemic may still have given some of us a very long unintended “vacation” from being outside the house, but the effects has gotten to many of us with all the news we’ve been hearing and seeing from our own local and national news outlets as of late. Sadly, from the looks of things […]
  • Lessons from My Father 06/08/2020
    It’s June already? Time flies! I think I’m beginning to see my blogging pattern that I have been blogging only once in every two months since the beginning of 2020. When you are on lockdown and have to stay home for pretty much every single day, there’s nothing much you can do or write about, […]
  • Pandemic @ Home 03/18/2020
    My previous post was dated on New Year’s Eve 2019. And then right after, I haven’t been blogging for months. But, here I am now, writing my first blog entry for the new decade of 2020. For the most part, I’m doing fine. My family is alright, still coping through family tragedies from last year, […]
  • Spearheading the New Decade 12/31/2019
    As of this writing, I’m still stuck at 2019 until probably in some 16 hours. However, tomorrow from where I live is the first day of the new decade, 2020. I wouldn’t call this particular entry a recap of the entire year because I would be repeating myself. But, I can make up for all […]
  • Sweetening Life with Digital Art 12/06/2019
    It’s been many years since I’ve done any form of artwork using graphics software like Photoshop and Illustrator. It was such a long time that I stopped that I even forgot that I even had a devArt and an unused Pixiv account that I signed up for some 2-3 years ago. I have been doing […]

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