Welcome to the Let’s Volt IN! Network

This is the official hub of Adri‘s current web projects (and hopefully in the future, some simple web applications) for everyone to visit, and in some cases, interact. Although it has been five years that I’ve actually worked to open this since the first purchase of the domain, I’ve finally found the right time to finally present it to the masses, as well as a good addition to my portfolio. Please keep in mind that all of these sites are simply personal projects, and will never be involved in anything commercialized.

Most of the sites hosted under this collective will feature some of my favorite fandoms outside reality. Some may be active, some may be community-based. Personal sites, blogs, fansites, fanlistings, and a whole lot more will be featured. The sites here are built with careful crafting and of course, with love. More will be coming soon, but for now, what you see is what you get.

At the moment, please enjoy your stay!

News & Updates Timeline


My personal blog of some more than 10 years (with some name changes of course), where all the random stuff goes. Most likely the most active site at the moment.



A small web presence containing my web and digital works, education, experience in a very compact online vCard.



Adri Mars is my writer’s pen name. This is where I house all my other writing, from fiction, fanfiction, haiku poetry to contributed articles, as well as news and updates regarding the mentioned.



This is my web development education journal, as well as a blog about my DIY arts and crafts. The site will contain some tutorials in web development and/or arts and crafts, and a lot more in store.



  • My Birthday Post for 2019 10/15/2019
    By the time I finish this post, it will be October 15, 2019. But for me, it has been a long-time blog habit of mine to write a blog post on my birthday every year. Only this time, I was occupied with a lot of things that aren’t really celebratory. My family and I had […]
  • Entering the “BER” Months 08/23/2019
    As of this writing, there are only eight days left until the end of August. I have been on and off from blogging in general for a long time now, and even with my “comeback” from my last post, I still haven’t really made such an effort to get into non-niche blogging again, such as […]
  • What goes down, must come up 07/25/2019
    Well, I gotta rise up in one of these days anyway, right? Unless if one is a completely insane person who will go overboard to make themselves feel better after a major tragedy, that’s not the path I would choose. My late father didn’t raise me that way. Going to the extreme pretty much means […]
  • The 40th Day after Death 05/21/2019
    This Thursday (5/23) is the 40th Day after my father’s death last month. During these 40 days, I have been pretty much out of touch with all of my usual activities, both offline and online. It’s been over a month now and I’m still not used to living at home without my father. Sure, throughout […]
  • Celebrate Family Life 04/23/2019
    April 2019 is a month I would never, ever forget. Even though you’re not fortunate enough to have a close-knit family, where every single member of your family is close to each other regardless of differences, still. Treasure them. Take the time to reach out to the family members you haven’t kept in touch with, […]

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