So, last month, I mentioned that LVI! will remain in my previous host until further notice, while I migrate the majority of my sites to the new one. After a few weeks or so of doing migrations,1 I finally decided to move my collective to the new host as well.

Why the change?

There are a couple of experimental projects that I have in store, but it will require having all sites be hosted on the same server. I don’t plan on purchasing separate domains for these projects, rather they will be hosted via subdomains instead.2 The rest of my domains are closely personal to me, and that LVI! leans more to my hobbies and loves that are completely unrelated to my life. Therefore, most of these experimental hobbies will be hosted under the collective domain.

Anything else new?

There have been more ideas pondering in my head throughout the migration period, and aside from what was mentioned in the previous update post, I’ve come up with, so far, just one.

I plan on opening a fanlisting collective. Truth to be told, I have never owned or maintained a fanlisting collective for the last… well… 10 years.3 I don’t know when this project will begin just yet, but I really do need to house all the fanlistings I joined in the past, not just to organize it, but to help clean up the retitled The ADRICULOUS Life personal blog at the same time. I don’t know what it’ll be called just yet, but it will be hosted in a subdomain, mainly because of Let’s Volt IN! is such a fitting domain name of things coming together as one. I think that makes sense.

Also, regarding Adri Mars. I misread the expiration date. The domain continues to live on until April of next year. After much self debating and pondering, I decided to keep the domain and may probably renew it when next year comes. I do have some plans on the aim of the site’s content though that doesn’t just focus on my unfinished writing projects.

Everything else mentioned in the previous entry from last month still remains the same.

  1. while being busy being a devout Catholic for the Easter season throughout much of April []
  2. Besides, I only have a limit of 10 add-on domains in my new host account, so I have to honor that and conserve. []
  3. since 2006 starting with my very long-running former fansite to J-Pop boy band ARASHI called… []