I don’t think I’ll ever think of changing the theme of this site. After all, the base parent theme has a lot of features that I can manipulate and customize and would still be looking like a completely different website without even changing the parent theme. Ah, the awesome beauty of child themes. 

I decided to modify my welcome page. I tried using the callout method, but the results were not to my liking. Instead, I used the same box as I did when this first launched and edited the text a bit. I also added a button that would lead directly to the Timeline section, where I post all my news and updates for LVI, because for sure the Timeline menu item up above will be easily missed, and of course, some visitors would like to know for any news and updates regarding the collective and how I’m often active in this site.

Call it LVI! version 1.5 or something like that. Thanks for stopping by. Till next time!