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Subdomain Hosting – Let’s Volt IN!
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Subdomain Hosting

I am offering free hosting via subdomain through my long-time current host, Little Dancer Hosting.1 This means that you have the option to choose the appropriate features that you need for your website without any hassles of having to contact me for permissions to have more (or less) of what is offered. If you want to have a site of your own but can’t afford to have your own domain, or if you just happen to have a site that has the catchphrase “let’s volt in!” somewhere in there, feel free to get hosted.

You can have any site you would like under the lets-volt.in domain, such as blogs, collectives, fansites, fanlistings, and such. I do have some specific requirements and regulations in exchange:

  • I will accept any site: personal blogs/sites, fansites, fanlistings, shrines, info sites, portfolios, etc. No controversial/offensive sites, such as adult-themed sites, hate sites, controversial propaganda sites, or anything related.
  • Do not use your account as “free storage.” We are a website hosting service, not a file storage service.  There are sites like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Cloud, etc. that you can sign up an account and store all your files there.
  • Do not use the subdomain as a URL forwarder to another site. Just as we are not a file storage service, we are also not a URL forwarder service either.
  • When you build your site, I require a link back credit to this site and Little Dancer somewhere where I can see it. Please see the Contact section for link back information.

Ready to get hosted? Please click the button below and follow the instructions on how to get set up. Thank you and have fun!

Get hosted!

  1. I am also currently working on the new theme for this, so bare with me, as more information will come. []