Not too many people know this, but I once owned a web listing directory during the last decade. It was actually an adoption from its previous owner because she no longer have the time to maintain the collective but didn’t want to die out. So I decided to take it upon myself and run it myself. If my memory serves me correctly, it used to be called Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb was a little different from most web listing directories that we’ve come to known.1 Rather than providing a directory of different sites,2 Cherry Bomb only accepted personal domains3 and the categories were in alphabetical order rather than the type of those sites. That was during the time when most budding web designers/developers couldn’t afford to have their own domain and hosting, and had to resort to even using redirection domains and subdomains. Today, both domain and hosting are dirty cheap now, so the relevance of Cherry Bomb would obviously become outdated and obsolete. I do feel much regret that I eventually abandoned it because of the same reasons the previous owner had, except I too was going through my own personal struggles and had a point where I had no website, domain, or even hosting existing because I can no longer afford them.

Yes, those were the very budding days of web designing. Today, web listing directories aren’t as common as they used to be, but ever since then, I still wanted to open my very own web listing directory of sites, but with a different approach, a different focus from the Cherry Bomb days. I actually thought about using current directory-type PHP scripts such as Enthusiast, Ninja Links, and Linkationally, but a lot of their PHP code base has become outdated to today’s standards and may potentially become insecure and dangerous when some of the methods used in the code bases are already deprecated by the current versions of PHP. Since I’m currently studying PHP right now, I thought about changing some of the codebase by using the new PDO4 class, but I still have a lot to learn as a complete noob/student regarding the new method. There are also a few who no longer use those handmade PHP scripts and switched directly to WordPress and powered their directory sites through link-related plugins. I may be able to go that route too, but I’m still tempted to test myself with what I’ve learned from my PHP classes and “rewrite” some of the codebase to PDO. Enthusiast and Ninja Links are both open source, so I don’t need to have special permission to do some code rewriting. I’m not sure about Linkationally though. Ah well, we’ll see.

I’ve already got the perfect name for it too. It’ll be called Voltage Joint, just so it’d be more closely related to the domain. Yep, this future web directory will be a subdomain of LVI. Might as well, it’s a hobby site anyway, right? It’d also be a good addition to my portfolio too.

I got another future site idea, but I’ll talk about that some other time. 

  1. the now-defunct GlitterRuby Wings ListingsNerd Listings, etc. []
  2. most of them fansites and are made by girls/women. Truth though. []
  3. as in domains, no subdomains or sites hosted under other people’s domains, etc. []
  4. PHP Data Objects []