In a way, I was inspired by Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog, which I often follow1 regarding this idea. Although this site pretty much has most of the stuff that any beginning blogger may need, my version will have tutorials on two other platforms not covered by DYOB: Jekyll and Hugo.

Why am I including static site generators as blogging platforms instead of the more popular ones like WordPress and Tumblr? I want to introduce those two static site generators to those who don’t want anything else but a blog, where you don’t want to do anything else other than just blogging and putting on some content on your site. Sure, Jekyll and Hugo won’t be like Tumblr or WordPress or even Blogger, but I thought it would be a great idea to introduce them to the masses.

I would probably open one for Movable Type also, but I don’t have money/can’t afford to even install a copy of the MT platform software. Same with Expression Engine. I thought about Textpattern also.

I am aware of the challenges that I have to face to accomplish this, however, my #1 challenge that I would have to face for this site idea, as well as my other site projects would be one thing:


  1. and also talk/tweet occassionally with the owner, Marianne []