Yep. My bad. It’s been a month since I’ve written some updates or something here on this collective. Been busy being creative, so to speak. Ooh yah. 

Sometime last month, I have updated the collective tile grid a bit with a bunch of coming soon projects. The current one I’m working on, Cherry Blossom, Little Wolf, is temporarily halted because I have enrolled myself in another Skillcrush blueprint: Ruby on Rails. In addition, I also started getting into A LOT of art lately, from zen art to lettering/calligraphy to… maybe… probably… manga-style illustrations.1 With these, I can finally create my original brand of anything, such as personal sites, graphics, so on and so forth.

The following below added to the collective grid on the home page are briefly summarized:

  • Zodiac P.I. – a mini(?)-shrine to one of the very little-known short shoujo manga series, Juunikyuu de Tsukamaete, a shoujo magical girl style detective mystery series about a fortune-telling girl, Lili Hoshizawa, who solves crimes under the guise of Detective Spica using astrology. She is assisted by her childhood friend, a young man named Hiromi Oikawa, who just returned home from the U.S. to study criminal psychology. Together, they solve crimes from thefts to kidnappings and even (my favorite types of mystery stories) murders.2
  • LAST GAME – a mini(?)-shrine to another very little-known shoujo manga series only available as a scanlation. This is about two very different individuals from two different worlds who find themselves involved in a (one-sided) rivalry from elementary to college that eventually turned to true love. Very witty and funny series.
  • Nekota no koto ga ki ni natte shikatanai – a new (and little-known) shoujo manga series about… well, read more here.3

Last, but not least, I am currently getting hooked into the fine arts again. I am not talking about “professional”-looking drawings or something, but more towards zen art, lettering, and calligraphy. I’m also trying to get back to (self-)learning manga illustrations again4 so I can add this skill to my artistic arsenal. I hope that I can finally have true creative freedom on future web designs, personal or professional.

That’s about it for my first July update. Hopefully I’d have more updates sooner, if not later. 

  1. Just illustration, character illustration. I can’t write a story and draw the characters in comic book format at the same time. It’s either I write a story and someone else draws, or I draw and someone else writes a story. []
  2. I know it sounds macabre but somehow they’re very intriguing (the murder mystery solving, not the murder itself). []
  3. Yes, this is a hook for you to visit my personal blog, ADRICULOUS. But seriously, I did blog about this series! []
  4. I’ve been trying to do this several times for the last 20+ years (since college), but I just end up giving up or simply not having enough time to sit down to practice []