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Sites Timeline – Let’s Volt IN!
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Sites Timeline

I was actually debating to myself where I’m going to open up a section containing the very long history of my “hobbyist” web design/development life. I collected some very old files dated over 10 years ago and pretty much compiled them altogether.

After so many years, I finally figured out how I’m going to display this section. I know there are other sites that I may have forgotten to mention, but if I do find some more, I’ll be sure to record them in this timeline.

I am now currently taking various online classes in web development to earn certifications, and of course, to make my web development career become a reality. Because of all this, I now use my hobby sites as my way of practicing what I’ve learned, and of course, to eventually become part of my upcoming portfolio.

Here we go.


  • 1997

    Till the Right Time Comes

    My very first website was, in a way of a surprise, a fanfiction site dedicated to my very first fanfiction written called Till the Right Time Comes, a comedy-adventure story based on the characters of Akira Toriyama’s most beloved manga series, Dragon Ball. It used to be hosted in the old and defunct Geocities free web hosting. It also became my very first website built as a class project for my early Internet and Web Publishing class back in college. I since moved the site to another more reliable hosting (on a subdomain I can no longer remember) and due to my old computers crashing, this story has been lost and gone forever. This was way before FanfictionNET existed and wasn’t able to save it from its demise.

  • 1999

    Adventure Antibiotics (personal site)

    Around that time, I was beginning to be more familiar with Photoshop and decided to experiment a bit. Around this time, the whole small-fontstiny graphics design style among hobbyists became a huge trend. If you were around this time building your first websites, I even remember that this “minimal” style used to be considered elite design. I hated it, but I experimented with it using images I tried constructing using Adobe Illustrator and probably (copyrighted) images of unknown celebrities from around the world, like Hikaru Utada and Fin.K.L., as well as a bit of manga-style artwork not from any anime series. Truth to be told, even though some considered it as elite design back then, I actually hated this style. I found it unbalanced by “traditional” design standards if you know what I mean. In addition, this site was the first site that was hosted in a subdomain from an old  and defunct online Asian community called asiansINC.

  • late 1999

    Adventure Antibiotics (blog)

    Before this came about, I started to self-teach myself CSS, and I used my Adventure Antibiotics personal site as its guinea pig. In addition, I also learned about Adobe ImageReady 7, which was back then was an equivalent to the former Macromedia Fireworks, where we can create our own interfaces and then slice them into an actual site layout using tables. Also around this time, every “elite” website owner also owned a blog. I didn’t know what a blog was at first until I stumbled upon a few personal blogs. Since I had a long history of writing into locked diaries back in high school, I thought I would somewhat get back in the habit of writing about my thoughts and anything else that come to mind by owning a blog. Most of the early bloggers used Blogger, back when it used to be an independent company. I liked the idea, but I hated the fact that I had to log into the Blogger dashboard every time I had to write an entry, but its templating system was really easy to learn. Unfortunately because of this, I was not very active with this blog and eventually died. In addition to that, this was also the period where I really had to do well with my college courses before graduation.

  • 2000-2001

    Balamb Epitaph

    Domain URL: http://balamb-epitaph.net

    Thanks to my first job, I finally was able to afford my own domain and web hosting. Because this was still the time of web design elitism among some hobbyists, I had to learn everything about web hosting, domains, etc. all by myself. Aside from finishing up college, I also started getting into video gaming again with my brother when I finally had the time to play his PlayStation (PSX) for the first time, playing Final Fantasy VIII. In the video game fan scene on the net, there were a lot, especially with girl video gamers, of informational sites and character shrines about the games. Because I was in the mood to build one in dedication to my favorite game at that time, I purchased my very first domain, intending to build a simulated interactive yearbook for the characters who attended Balamb Garden (from FF8). Right when I first launched it, I was contacted by a few of the girl video gamers who own/maintain their own sites and finally met some people in common with me. Apparently, it didn’t last long, because as I continued on with the game, I got interested in building something else with its own domain, this time, leading me to the character shrines scene.

  • mid 2001 - early 2002

    The Ellone Loire Network

    Domain URL: http://ellone-loire.net (also the URL of the character shrine)

    Subdomains/Site Hosted:

    • Choko-Boko Booyaka! (http://cbb.ellone-loire.net)
    • Adventure Antibiotics 2 (http://blog.ellone-loire.net)
    • a series of Loire Family shrines (Ellone, Raine, Laguna, Squall)

    I remembered that there were two sites that were hosted in this new domain. I completely abandoned Balamb Epitaph and completely focused on one of the most underrated FF8 female characters, Ellone Loire. Around that time, I had a bob that looked exactly like Ellone’s and sometimes would think of myself looking like her, and then decided to open a detailed (as much as I can anyway) character shrine to her. In addition, around this time, I also began writing FF8 fanfiction and started to host them on the newly-released FanfictionNET, and I wanted to meet other FF8 fanfic writers. With that in mind, I discovered Perl and CGI and opened up Choko-Boko Booyaka! FF8 fanfiction and RPG (role playing game) forum using the old Ikonboard forum system. Those were some of the best times of my life because the forum community was thriving (of course, we had a share of our first online dramas then as well). Lastly, I re-opened my abandoned blog, Adventure Antibiotics, when I learned about a new blogging platform that you can actually host it in your web server: an early Perl/CGI-based blogging platform known as Greymatter.

  • late 2001 - 2002

    The Lindblum Network

    Domain URL: http://lindblum.net

    Subdomains/Site Hosted:

    • Lucca Shrine (Chrono Trigger) – http://lucca.lindblum.net
    • Zidane and Garnet Couple Shrine (FF9) – http://zg.lindblum.net
    • Kid Shrine (Chrono Cross) – http://kid.lindblum.net

    I got myself into Final Fantasy 9, as well as Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, and then I decided to expand the CBB forum to a general Square games fanfiction forum. I knew I wasn’t going to stick to just one game and eventually end up getting into other games as well. I built three character-related shrines based on those three games and I used the mighty regency of Lindblum from FF9 as the new domain name. I still owned the ellone-loire.net domain, but I was beginning to lose interest in it. And then came the overboard online drama that went on that simply got me to lose interest in the video game shrines scene. It was difficult for me to let go, but I knew that I had to move on somewhere where I can finally find solace in building sites to my favorite loves without being bullied at.

  • late 2001-2004

    The Kinomoto Network

    Domain URL: http://kinomoto.nu

    Subdomains/Sites Hosted:

    • Cherry Blossom, Little Wolf (Sakura & Syaoran Fanfiction Directory) – http://fanfics.kinomoto.nu
    • Daidouji Couture Fashions Gallery – http://tomoyo.kinomoto.nu
    • Ken Miyake (V6) Fansite – http://ken.kinomoto.nu
    • A lot of hostees with sites dedicated to Sakura Kinomoto & Syaoran Li

    I got back into anime again, and as a reminiscing of my first anime fanfic (Till the Right Time Comes), I became obsessed with Card Captor Sakura once again. Actually, I’ve seen the series fansubbed before back in the late ’90s, but when the U.S. dubbed Card Captors started airing on U.S. TV, I became obsessed with it again. I wrote a two short fanfics and one long one (Stuffed Animal, now available on my FFnet account) and decided to collect some of the best Sakura & Syaoran-themed fanfics around the net into one archive directory site. I also started collecting screenshots and official images (from around the net) of all of Sakura’s costumes designed and sewn by her best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji, so I created a gallery site for her. Lastly, I started getting into J-Pop, starting with the boy band V6. I had a bit of a fangirl crush on Ken Miyake, so I made a fansite from it. At this time, I no longer own ellone-loire.net and lindblum.net and that everything video games-related eventually erased from my past.

  • 2003-2007


    Domain URL: http://funyaraga.nu

    Subdomains/Sites Hosted:

    • Organized Chaos (http://oc.funyaraga.nu)

    I converted Adventure Antibiotics blog to this weirdly-named Funyaraga!, which really doesn’t mean anything, but I heard from one of the J-pop idols saying it before. Anyway, it was a blog being powered by Movable Type (when it was still free back then) because Greymatter met its end when it started becoming insecure and I was getting so many spam comments and the whole lot. I also discovered the b2 blogging platform before but I couldn’t understand how to build a theme from it because it was built using PHP, which was something I was unfamiliar with before. This was the first blog name change that I went through that eventually lead me to the current blog I’m writing/maintaining right now. It would probably be the longest blog I have ever maintained until much later, of course. In addition, I have one subdomain hosted in this domain called Organized Chaos, a directory of all my past fanfiction and some (unfinished) fiction writing collected into one site.

  • 2003- late 2006

    Rising Storm

    Domain URL: http://amnos.net

    Subdomains/Site(s) Hosted:

    • ARASHI Fanlisting (http://fanlisting.amnos.net)
    • Masaki Aiba Fanlisting (http://a.amnos.net)
    • Jun Matsumoto Fanlisting (http://m.amnos.net)
    • Kazunari Ninomiya Fanlisting (http://n.amnos.net)
    • Satoshi Ohno Fanlisting (http://o.amnos.net)
    • Sho Sakurai Fanlisting (http://s.amnos.net)
    • Omiya SK Fanlisting (http://sk.amnos.net)
    • … and other various sites related to ARASHI or any of its five members, including a video clips archive, gallery archive, audio clips archives, translations, RPGs, fanfics, J-drama fanlistings, variety show fanlistings, and countless more.

    Eventually, I faded away from being a fan of V6, which lead me to Johnny’s Entertainment (the agency V6 is being managed under), and then its younger group, ARASHI. Never in my life have I dedicated myself to following a music artist like a stalker, let alone a J-Pop boy band, and I found myself loving ARASHI, its members, and their songs more and more as time passes that I built a whole entire network of fansites and fanlistings to the group. This included a news blog, video clips, sample music mp3s, fanart gallery, a collection of fanlistings dedicated to anything and everything ARASHI, and a whole lot more. It used to be a one-stop site for anything and everything ARASHI, until of course, I eventually lost interest in them (and a few other issues I rather not mention here). In 2006, I quit my job to join a startup and was finally going to realize my dream of being a web developer. However, after a month of being employed, I was eventually laid off. With no job and everything, I knew I had to cut my expenses and eventually get busy in finding a new job, which also meant that I had to give up running AMNOSnet until I find a new job that would pay me well to maintain the site open. I eventually did try to revive this entire network sometime in 2009, but became unsuccessful because, well, fads and technology changed, plus the global ARASHI fanbase grew rapidly, in which many even opened their own sites dedicated to one of Japan’s longest-surviving boy bands around.

  • 2003 - early 2006

    IRO Asenaide

    Domain URL: http://iro-asenaide.org

    Just like before, I tried to build a community of like-minded Johnny’s artists fans like myself, but named this forum community (using IPB when it used to be free) after one of ARASHI’s catchy songs. It was another one of those one-stop fan forums until more drama came and eventually, I lost hope in keeping the forum open. I lost, rather, I was robbed of my friends and members just because of this stupid drama, and all of my help and sources also abandoned me as well. Completely losing hope at that time, I decided to close it, vowing myself never to get myself into forum managements anymore. Of course, that didn’t exactly happen in the next years to come. Just like CBB before, this forum has been thriving for quite a very long time.

  • 2006-2008

    Bluedette Design

    Domain URL: http://bluedette.net

    During 2005-2006, I went back to college. That is, an accredited online university, in order to earn and obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications, where my web designing and development skills, as well as my graphic designing and typography, had been enhanced a lot more and use this as part of my resume. At the end of the curriculum, we had to build our online portfolios showcasing our work. Bluedette Design became my very first portfolio site and showcased not just my websites, but also some graphic designing work such as flyers and t-shirt designs and such. I built the entire site using Macromedia Dreamweaver (before Adobe acquired Macromedia obviously), Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady.

  • 2007 - 2008

    Lyoko Geniuses/Five Sectors

    Domain URL – http://lyokogeniuses.org (2007- early 2008)
    Domain URL – http://five-sectors.org (early 2008 – late 2008)

    During my unemployment struggles in 2007, I got myself interested in a French animated series aired on Cartoon Network before called Code Lyoko. I thought about going back to the whole character shrines and what not like in the past, but I just simply grew tired of it and decided to be just a fan. I joined various Code Lyoko community forums and eventually came into a brand-new forum that was hosted by one of those free hosting forum services. I contacted the owner/creator of the original Lyoko Geniuses forum and decided to have its own domain and server. I became part-owner of the forum, mainly because I was the one who purchased the domain and hosting, as well as building the forum from the ground up (using SMF) and once again, I’ve gotten myself involved with the forum. Sadly, it didn’t last long, when the owner became authoritative and dictatorial, and that many of the members were getting tired of his antics, and because I was in a situation where I just couldn’t handle the owner’s actions anymore, me and a number of some members broke away to build a brand-new forum, Five Sectors. It functioned the same as Lyoko Geniuses, except I became the sole owner of the forum. However, it didn’t last long because, at around 2008, the series ended, and that many of us became interested in other things. Still, we did our best to keep in touch with each other, even though we were in our different endeavors now.

  • 2007- late 2008


    Domain URL: http://akaliane.net

    Subdomains/Sites Hosted:

    • Cherry Bomb (http://cb.akaliane.net)
    • Samurai High School Fanlisting (http://shs.akaliane.net)

    When my funyaraga.nu domain eventually expired, I completely took a break from blogging altogether. Sometime in 2007, I reopened my blog and renamed again to Akaliane. “Akaliane” is actually the Hawaiian version of my name and decided to have a little spin to it. Also, I owned a site directory as well called Cherry Bomb, in which I adopted it from the previous owner, who no longer has the time to maintain it. It was a domains-only personal/hobby website directory. Because the script that I used, SimpleDir, became insecure and outdated, as well as no other alternatives existed, I decided to close down the directory. Samurai High School was a Japanese comedy drama series that starred Haruma Miura during the period of his rising peak to stardom, and it was a story about a hopeless slacker teen who was immediately possessed by his ancestor (who also happened to have the same name as the slacker teen) who was a fearless samurai warrior during his time. I guess you could say it’s your typical anime-style storyline, but it was also a hilarious story. Eventually, my tastes and outlook with my websites changed and lost interest, along with this fanlisting.

  • 2008 - Present


    Subdomains/Sites Hosted:

    My bluedette.net domain expired and eventually I was going to redo my entire portfolio again. The whole new design trend of Web 2.0 and the whole XHTML/CSS web standards validation bug bit me and I knew that I were going to be taken seriously as a web developer by potential employers that I would have to keep up with the latest standards. I purchased a domain name that had my real name in them to make it a little bit more creative but at the same time, would define me as a person in a professional form. Due to changes and such, the portfolio right now is currently down for major revamping.

  • 2008 - 2013


    Domain URL – http://adriatastic.net
    Subdomain URL – http://adriatastic.adrimarie.us

    I decided to tie in my blog to my new portfolio, but then I decided to have another name change. I started having some “word play” with my name and made my name in to some kind of an adjective. I came up with “adriatastic” and decided to name my blog with this word. In addition, I also converted to WordPress when Movable Type decided not to offer their blogging software for free anymore and I can’t even afford to buy an ownership license from them. Sadly in 2009, I suffered another unemployed and the adriatastic domain was also nearing expiration, so I decided to move my entire blog to a subdomain of my portfolio site and resided there for quite awhile until I got myself another job again, which would take a few more years since the blog’s opening. In addition to the subdomain moving, I also found luck in finding a more affordable hosting in Little Dancer, and I have been hosted by Little Dancer ever since.

  • 2010 - 2012

    Bretzie Bunnies Network

    Domain URL: http://bretziebunnies.net

    Early 2010 became very difficult for me due to another long period of unemployment. However, I got myself into the pop culture of my old country, Philippines, and eventually ended up watching Pinoy Big Brother (the Filipino version of the reality show Big Brother) and fell in love with two particular housemates in the 2010 teen edition, and of course, eventually became teen celebrities in the Philippines. Because nonsense fan rivalries were common in the Philippines and the bug bit me because of it, I opened this domain as a news and dedication fansite to two housemates Bret Jackson and Fretzie Bercede. I also built this site to steer away from the Facebook fanpages (where most Filipino fans always hang out as if it’s the only community site in the whole world) and to have “secret meetings” with the idols and those connected with them one-on-one through hidden chatrooms within the domain. With the Bretzie Bunnies network, we Bretzie fans were in complete, full control. Sadly, all the internal drama came with “friends” become famewhores because of their “close connections” with our chosen idols and everything just went downhill from there. A few friends and myself still keep in touch on Facebook as friends, but we eventually moved on to our own personal endeavors.

  • 2012 - 2013

    The Bunnda Channel

    Domain URL: http://bunnda-channel.net
    Alternative URL: http://bunnda-channel.us

    A friend of mine from the former Bretzie Fanclub and myself found ourselves getting (back) into East Asian dramas and TV shows, from Korean dramas to Japanese dramas. We decided to open our very own movie/TV show channel and simply embed these movies that we can scavenge from video hosting sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, you name it. We also hosted video streaming of the next editions of Pinoy Big Brother and built ourselves a community there. Of course, both of us parted on our own lives and we no longer have the time to maintain this site, so eventually, it was abandoned. Again, due to funds, when bunnda-channel.net domain expired, my friend purchased bunnda-channel.us to replace it.

  • 2013 - Present

    Let's Volt IN!

    It’s this site where you’re at right now! Read the history of it here.

  • 2014 - Present

    Adri Mars

    In late 2013, I finally got a job, therefore I can afford to purchase more domains again. On my old ADRIATASTIC blog, I used to have a writing section. I decided to divide the ADRIATASTIC blog into two separate sites: Adri Mars (my writer pen name) and the blog’s new (and current) name, ADRICULOUS. Adri Mars is simply my general witing site about my original fiction, fanfiction, (Haiku) poetry, and contribution writing in general. It also houses my NaNoWriMo progress should I participate in the event.

  • 2014 - Present


    I purchased this domain almost at the same time as Adri Mars because, once again, I wanted a brand-new name that sounds clever and hilarious at the same time, and thus ADRICULOUS was born. It is now my current blog and still alive and kickin’.