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About – Let’s Volt IN!
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Let's Volt IN!

Voltes V © 1977-1978 Sunrise/Toei/TV Asahi.

Welcome to LET’S VOLT IN!

When this site/domain was first opened, it used to be a small group blog for my friends and myself from the Philippines and here in the U.S., just simply blogging about random stuff in our lives, such as our hobbies and interests and other discoveries. Sadly, just like any other human being, we are all busy adults and time just took us over our free time to hang out in this blog or even any other social media community such as Facebook and Twitter and eventually, the group blog ceased.

With the main domain being inactive, I used this domain to host my non-personal hobby/interest sites, such as fan sites and all of that. When the expiration date came about, I thought about selling the domain because I was unemployed and in a very tight budget back then, but I couldn’t let it go. Fortunately, I was able to have a 2-week temporary job and had enough funds to renew this domain for another two years.1 When I was able to renew it, the first thought that I had was to create this domain in to a simple mini-portal to all my hosted sites.

Thus, the “new” Let’s Volt IN! network was (re)born!

“Let’s Volt IN!”?

This was a catchphrase from the English language version of the old “super robot” anime series from the ’70s called Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V,2 or simply known as Voltes V. I’m not going to explain what the series was about, but Wikipedia can, in a nutshell. The catchphrase of “Let’s volt in!” would be called out when the Voltes V team would finally unite together and merge in to one giant robot and fight against alien monsters.3 In short, “volting in” would be like collaborating and congregating people from different backgrounds and walks of life in to one powerful entity, like a team.

This anime really gave me a very early introduction in to the Japanese anime/manga genre while growing up as a kid in the Philippines during the early ’80s. It’s what prompted me to have a goal of learning the basics of the Japanese language4 and learn more about the Japanese culture itself. At one point, I also wanted to learn how to draw and create my own characters using the anime/manga illustration style. Unfortunately, I really lack basic drawing skills, so I’ve given up on the idea.

Still though, with so much anime I’ve watched and so much manga I’ve read, I can never forget this classic anime. It has become a part of my childhood and “Let’s volt in!” would be the first thing that would come to mind whenever I see the title name or even a photo of Voltes V. The meaning behind the phrase gave me the idea of grabbing this domain name and naming the old group blog with this catchphrase. My friends and I all grew up watching his anime, and I thought it was very well-fitting.

More to come in the LVI5 network, so stay tuned!

About Adri

I am a San Francisco Bay Area-based web developing student and an ambassador of a high-profile dot-com company who dreams of becoming an all-trades poly-swag ninja one day. I like to create, build, write, read, travel, photograph, and eat when time decides to be on my side. This network gives you different paths to uncover the mystery of me through my blogging and through my works. Please go and visit them. Thank you for coming and hope you return! 


Voltes V © 1977-1978 Sunrise/Toei/TV Asahi.

  1. I am currently working full-time, although it’s a contract position, I have been in the workforce for a month now. []
  2. the “V” is pronounced “5” as in the roman numeral #5. []
  3. If you grew up in the ’80s and remembered the anime Voltron, then this anime has pretty much the same concept, only that Voltes V is years older. []
  4. in which I have during the old college years, about 4 years with one year of independent study– still isn’t fluent though… []
  5. my abbreviation for “Let’s Volt In!” []