Long time no see and a Happy New Year!

As you can see, I changed my collective grid and split them into two at the home page. I still have tentative plans on which (fan)sites that I would eventually going to create, as well as other non-fandom-related (sort of) projects. However, there is one particular new site that I feel will definitely be open in the next coming weeks or so.

I am working on a Final Fantasy XV-related fansite that will be a mix of social media RPing, fanfic writing (somewhat), and just standard photoblogging. It would be a photo blog owned by Prompto Argentum, the photographer, social media selfie junkie, and Chocobo lover of the group. Because none of the guys has ever been outside the walls of the Crown City Insomnia, I thought that Prompto would probably the type to keep a photo blog, showcasing photos that he takes through his travels1 and write a story behind the photos.

In short, I decided to do this because I have been taking so many screenshots and shared so many photos on Facebook and Twitter, it’d be a waste (for me anyway) to just sit there on my social media accounts when they can be shown throughout the world. A lot of these photos taken automatically by the game and sharing them by players aren’t always the same (similar, but never the same), anything can happen with them. I thought it would be a really fun idea to “RP” as Prompto as the photographer and blogger of the site and showcase them, you know?

I call the project PromptoGRAPHY, and yes, it will be on a separate domain. Reason why is because I may plan on opening more FFXV-related sites and focus on the other characters too, but among the four, Prompto would be the type of person who would be more of a social media guy. After all, he’s the technopile nerd of the group, and the rest of the dudes know it.

If his buddies Prince Noctis, Gladio, and Ignis love and appreciate Prompto’s shots through their travels, I’m pretty sure everyone out there would like them too. 

That’s it for a quick highlight. Time for bed.

And again, have a Happy New 2017 everyone!

  1. if you haven’t played the game yet, Prompto does take photos including selfies of himself and the dudes []