Welcome to lets-volt.in, a.k.a. The Let’s Volt IN! Network. Yes, the latter is (somewhat of) a parody of all the other collectives that have other names different from their domain name.

This is the official hub of my current web projects (and hopefully in the future, some simple web applications) for everyone to visit, and in some cases, interact. Although it has been five years that I’ve actually worked to open this since the first purchase of the domain, I’ve finally found the right time to finally present it to the masses, as well as a good addition to my portfolio.

At the moment, please enjoy your stay!

Just a few guidelines…

  • The collective of websites will be linked right on the home page. I’ve visited a few collective sites (most of them fanlisting collectives) and most of them have their sites listed on another page, so I decided to make mine a little convenient for the visitor.
  • The Timeline page is my news and updates log regarding all of my web projects. It used to be called News & Notes but that one was more of a blog format. The Timeline is still similar but it’s more of a “timeline” format for easier following.
  • I’ve done all I can to make this site as minimal as possible, therefore, the contact form is just right below the collective grid. Just scroll down or click on Contact on either the top menu or footer menu. Less is more!


My personal blog of some more than 10 years (with some name changes of course), where all the random stuff goes. Most likely the most active site at the moment.



A small web presence containing my web and digital works, education, experience in a very compact online vCard.



Adri Mars is my writer’s pen name. This is where I house all my other writing, from fiction, fanfiction, haiku poetry to contributed articles, as well as news and updates regarding the mentioned.



This is my web development education journal, as well as a blog about my DIY arts and crafts. The site will contain some tutorials in web development and/or arts and crafts, and a lot more in store.


Sakura & Syaoran?!

… and Touya too! Wait and see… soon!


My upcoming link directory!



A small mini-site for manga one-shots and anthologies.


Zodiac P.I.

Shoujo-style mystery detective manga? Hmm…

THE (Ultimate?) LAST GAME

What LAST GAME? Is it a game called love?!

Curious About Nekota?

Why do we only see him with a head of a cat?

Wellspring Dreams

Calling out all builders of awesome things! Let’s gather around and build, share, support, and dream!

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